Advanced aircraft require advanced training systems. So, when SUBARU looked for a pilot training provider to help roll out the new UH-2 version of the SUBARU Bell 412EPX helicopter for the Japan Ministry of Defense (JMOD), it turned to TRU Simulation + Training. 

“We are excited to move to the next phase of trainer development in our collaboration with Bell and SUBARU to produce a high-fidelity training device that will grow as requirements evolve,” said Vance Ontjes, director, Sales and Customer Service, TRU Simulation + Training. “Working directly with our sister company, Bell, and with SUBARU, TRU has been able to customize nearly every aspect of the training environment to facilitate a successful transition for current helicopter pilots to the SUBARU BELL 412EPX variant coming into service first with the JMOD.” 

Scheduled to be operational by the end of 2021, this first-of-its-kind flight simulation training device (FSTD) has been under development by TRU and will include an instructor station, open cockpit with overhead panel and touch screen displays for aircraft systems and avionics, pilot and co-pilot seats, and flight controls featuring the new 3rd generation of TRU’s industry leading control loading system. 

 “As a part of Textron, we have access to advanced aircraft technology that allows our TRU experts to develop robust, high-fidelity training devices to help facilitate the highest level of readiness for our customers,” Ontjes said. “Add to that our experience through the years in a variety of international defense programs, TRU has a real advantage in meeting customer requirements such as those of the JMOD.” 

The SUBARU Bell UH-2 is the military version of the commercial 412EPX and was developed to meet Japan’s requirement for a replacement for the venerable Bell UH-1 “Huey” utility helicopter under the UH-X development program awarded to SUBARU in 2015. The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force has 150 UH-2 aircraft on order, with entry into service expected in 2022.

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